Thursday, April 17, 2014


Who's ready to get down with da Pirates!?

The Fantasy Collective opens in 4 days and I'm doing my very best to bring you each and every preview available!

If you are not familiar with The Fantasy Collective, it's an incredible Second Life themed shopping event that takes place on the 20th of each month! As you can tell, this month's theme is PIRATES! Last month was Arabian Nights and boy, Oh, boy was it fun!

Incredible designers from all over SL, such as Bite&Claw, May's Soul, The Luminary, and much more come together to create a truly inspiring event. Now this is awesome for us RPers because it's right up our alley. I mean... it's practically all RP gear!

If you're interested in exploring this event
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HAIR-Taketomi-Kana-Bento @ Kustom 9

EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears

EYES-Ikon-Asension Eyes-Gray

HAT-May's Soul-Pirate Hat-Black @ TFC

PIRATE BUDDIES-May's Soul-Mowtie Pirate Pink & Blue @ TFC

EYE PATCH-Sweet Poison-Salty Dog Patch-Leather @ TFC

BANDANA-RO-Atlantis Headband @ We <3 RP

BELT-PFC-Healer Belt-Brown


SWORD-EZ/The Forge-Wrath's Conviction 

OUTFIT-The White Armory-Femme Fatale Rogue-Berry

POSES-PosESioN-Amethist @ Kustom 9

The Path Less Taken-EDITORIAL


HAIR-Little Bones-Temptation-B&W @ Kustom 9

EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears

EYES-Ikon-Asension Eyes-Gray 

CROWN-Keystone-Bryre Crown @ TFC

CLOAK-PFC-Northern Cape @ The Secret Affair

ARMOR-DRD-Female Armor-Natural

BROOCH-[TIA]-House Of the Direwolf @ The Secret Affair

GOWN-Junbug-Nymph-Onxy @ Kustom 9

PURSE-[Little Tasta]-Coin Purse-Coal

POSES-posESioN-Amethysit & Diamond @ Kustom 9

LOCATION-Harrowdale-A Forgotten Realm's Sim 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gilding The Lily-NEW from The Seraphim Social & TFC!

Guess what opens in 5 days...?

That's right, The Fantasy Collective! SQUEE! It's truly going to be a fantastic round... and I cannot wait to show you everything! So keep an eye out for Previews. 

On another note, I decided to be all golden and chic today... Mm. I hopped on over to The Seraphim Social, where I picked up this gorgeous gown from JUNBUG. It's called, "Trillian" and it's inspired by The Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy which is what the entire event is themed! There was a ton of cute stuff, but this gown was the one thing I couldn't live without. I've styled it in a more Fantasyesque fashion with some armor from PFC and this gorgeous crown from Keystone (which is available at We <3 RP)

---->CLICK HERE<----
For a TP to TFC

---->CLICK HERE<----
For a TP to The Seraphim Social



CROWN-Keystone-Crown of the Amazonas @ We <3 RP

ARMOR-PFC-War Kitten

CLOAK-Fateplay-Dany @ We <3 RP

EYE-PATCH-The Forge-Female Eye Patch (FREE at the Mainstore)

STAFF-Blah-My Swirly Wooden Rod-Black

GOWN-Junbug-Trillian @ The Seraphim Social

OTHER ARMOR-Sweet Poison-Heart Armor & Heart Shield

BRACELET-The Forge-Celtic Bangle

BOW-EZ & The Forge-Eldar Bow


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Le Dolce Vita-NEW from Collabor88, Kustom 9, & The Countdown Room

You Guys.... Collabor88 has some CUTE stuff. Specifically the Home you see behind me. It's INCREDIBLE! I know I get obsessive about a lot...but I am SUPER OBSESSED with this house. It's called, "The Cortona Villas" by Trompe Loeil and it's available at Collabor88 and it's super reasonably priced!

I mean...for what you's amazing. I decided to use it at my backdrop for these photos because... It's amazing. Ha! I wore the new JUNBUG gown called, "Nymph" for Kustom 9. Now we've seen this silloette from her before, but it's all new colors and trust me... this gown will never go out of style. It's perfect for RP or for a night out on the town... Seriously, it's a must have for your closet!

Check out these events and let me know whatcha think! I know that it's not a Fantasy/Medieval thing, but it's a fun challenge to turn things from Modern to Fantastically Magical for your character. 

---->CLICK HERE<----
For Collabor88

---->CLICK HERE<----
for Kustom 9


HAIR-Tableau Vivant-Springflower Hair @ Collabor88

EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears

SUNGLASSES-Yummy-Cat Eye Corner Rose Shades @ Collabor88

NECKLACE-JUNBUG-Perles de la Mer @ The Countdown Room

GOWN-JUNBUG-Nymph-Blush @ Kuston 9

POSES-Marukin-Dolce Vita @ Collabor88

Group Tuesday

Ella here! Bringing to ya at Momma's request some of our 25L Tuesday finds! This time we took our little Nasa with us! Shes my little (or big, depending on the character!) sister and the sweetheart of our home! 

So we have her all dressed up and hugging on Momma in this adorable bunny hoodie and matching boots. While I found this lovely jacket from Footpaw, and boots that went swimmingly with it from one of my favs, [Teri]! And beauty as always! Momma found her heart drawn to Luas and May's Soul for this gorgeous little ensemble! Go check out what you can find quick! Wednesday is just over the horizon.


 Hair:  TRUTH HAIR Yelena  :  Truth Main Store

Jacket: [FPI] Brigid Cream : Footpaw Industries (25L Tuesdays)

Shoes: [Teri] Ouida Shoes Brow : [Teri]otrope (25L Tuesdays)

Pants:  [V/W] Brown UnderTunic Pants: From [V/W] Adrya Green  :  Velvet Whip Marketplace Store



NECKLACE-May's Soul-Leather Jewelry set-Blue @ 25L Tuesday

OUTFIT-Luas-Vika-Colds Pack @ 25L Tuesday


 Boots | Kei's Sad Bunny Boots (Green) | Kei's Spot - 25L Tuesdays

Hoodie | Kei's Sad Bunny Hoodie (Green) | Kei's Spot - 25L Tuesdays

Hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Joy Mesh Hair | Wasabi Pills Mainstore

Cray Cray Tues-dayz!

It's that time again!

Today I'm bringing you three of my favorite designers in SL...who all happen to participate in 25L Tuesday! Remember...25L Tuesday last only as long as Tuesday fast and get your gorgeous items and if you are new to 25L Tuesday, then know that the participating designers place out items for only 25 Lindens! This is a perfect opportunity for noobies to SL to build up your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

---->CLICK HERE<----
for a list of all participating stores


HAIR-MILK-Girl About Town

CROWN-Luas-Helena Crown @ 25L Tuesdays

NECKLACE & BRACELETS-May's Soul-Leather jewelry @ 25L Tuesdays

OUTFIT-Luas-Vika @ 25L Tuesdays

POSES-Imeka-Neva Pose pack

OUTFIT-OAL-Ainsely-Cyan @ 25L Tuesday

Monday, April 14, 2014

Going Rogue-NEWNESS from The Countdown Room!

 Are you ready to go rogue? 

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For a TP to The Countdown Room

I don't have anything witty to cute to say today, so I thought I'd let the look speak for it's self :D


HAIR-Taketomi-MeiLing @ The Season's Story

ARMOR-May's Soul-Mishima @ The Countdown Room


WEAPONS-The Forge/EZ-Wrath's Conviction & Gilded Bow of Jie

BOOTS-JD-Ara-Ecru @ We <3 RP

HALO-Stitched Gods-Belenos halo-Radience @ The Countdown Room

BELT-PFC-Role Belt-Healer

QUIVER-PFC-Ottomon Quiver

DRESS-Fiada-Cora-Red @ The Countdown Room

POSES-Bang-Huntress @ We <3 RP